Sears to Deliver Groceries?

reusable grocery bags
Flickr photo by tyger_lyllie
When someone mentions Sears, I tend to think of tires, power tools, grills, washing machines, and other large appliances. But groceries? Meh. Not so much.

Apparently, I need to broaden my perception of the department store chain, which has recently started delivering groceries to homes in New York; moveover, it plans to roll out this service to Chicago and other markets this summer.

Am I the only one finding it difficult to wrap my head around this concept? Obviously, I can imagine Sears delivering a refrigerator. But Sears delivering food to put in said refrigerator? Strange!


Come to think of it, I suppose it makes sense: Sears already offers a MyGofer online shopping service, in which customers order goods online and pick them up a few hours later at a Kmart store (the Sears Holding Company owns both Kmart and Sears, remember?). So a home delivery service which brings groceries, prescriptions, and other products from Kmart seems like logical expansion.

Still, even if the new concept catches on, it's going to take me a while to get used to it.

Do you get groceries delivered? Would you order food from Sears?

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