Ties for Pies at Coco's Bakery and Carrows

free pie at cocos cherry pie
Photo from Coco's Bakery
If we haven't already convinced you that dad does not want a tie for Father's Day, perhaps a free piece of pie will make you take that tie and exchange it for a nice slice of chocolate cream, fresh strawberry, or lemon meringue instead.

From now until June 30, anyone who brings in a tie to Coco's Bakery or a Carrows restaurant will get a coupon for a free slice of pie to be enjoyed at their next visit to these family dining establishments.

Coco's Bakery and Carrows will be donating gently used ties to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, but they need your help to get these men back on their feet. 

What I would suggest: Convince dad to ditch enough ties for the entire family to enjoy a piece of delicious pie at your next family dinner.

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