Risotto With Fresh Garden Herbs and Lemon: Mom Meals

risotto with fresh garden herbs
Flickr photo by OakleyOriginals
In our family risotto is primarily a winter meal, but I miss it when we've put the sweaters away. I found this recipe for risotto with fresh garden herbs and lemon (thanks to Oprah) and it inspired me to start stirring even though we're almost to the "too hot to cook" part of the year.

I also love risotto because it's fantastic when reheated. Granted, the leftovers don't last long in our house, because we're all big fans of the "cheesy rice," as my daughter calls it.

This recipe is incredibly easy, as it's just a basic risotto with basil, chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and sage tossed in at the end, followed by a dash of lemon zest. Sounds refreshing, right? It is.


But the best thing about this mom meal is the dad part of the process. Traditionally my husband mans the Dutch oven for the most intensive pot stirring part of the evening when risotto is on the menu. I like to reference his superior upper-body strength if he ever questions this arrangement. Yes, I'm a lucky woman.


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