'The Silver Spoon for Children': Cookbook Review

the silver spoon for children
Amazon.com; $13.57
As far as I'm concerned, The Silver Spoon for Children is the best kids' cookbook evah. Not only does it feature recipes for my son's favorite foods (pizza, pasta), it's also gorgeous. How gorgeous? Phaidon Press gorgeous, as in the ooh la la art and design publisher now producing some of the coolest cookbooks out there. It's also the offspring of the classic grownup cookbook, The Silver Spoon. But enough about why I love The Silver Spoon for Children. Here's why your kids will love it.


First of all, the recipes are mostly dishes your children probably already like: pizza Margherita, spaghetti with tomato sauce, lasagna, banana cream -- all from scratch. There's plenty of more sophisticated dishes that your kids will (hopefully) grow into later, like baked eggplant with tomato, but even those recipes are still super-simple.

The recipes are carefully explained step-by-step with Harriet Russell's sweet, whimsical illustrations or with vivid color photographs. Honestly, what kid wouldn't be seduced into spending a little time cooking after flipping through this book? It makes cooking look so fun. I let my son pick recipes himself, and sure we end up cooking the same three or four recipes. But who cares -- he loves the food, it's healthy, and he gets to put his own stamp on dinner. Molto bene!


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