A 'Berry' Fun Birthday

strawberry birthday cake
Photo by Nicole Wills
I hope you took advantage of the cheap prices of strawberries back in April because now is the perfect time to take them out of the freezer. I came across this strawberry-themed party on the Perfect Party Blog that Nicole Wills threw for her daughter Niamh's first birthday.


I love the splashes of the red gingham -- so summery! She created her daughter's name (pronounced Neev, the traditional Irish spelling) using wooden blocks that you can find at your local craft store. All it takes is covering them with pretty scrapbook or gift-wrapping paper and voila! You have quite the statement piece.

For favors, Nicole made old-fashioned strawberry jam for her guests to take home as well as delicious macarons packaged in cute strawberry baskets. How "berry" cute.

Ha, okay, I'll admit, that was a bit cheesy. Couldn't help myself.

strawberry jam favors
Photo by Nicole Wills
macaron favors
Photo by Nicole Wills
Fill vases or bowls with the savory fruit ... just be forewarned you may have to fill it up quite frequently; people are sure to eat your beautiful centerpiece. Who can resist those plump strawberries?

Another simple decorating idea is putting pretty blossoms, such as daisies, into the strawberry baskets. You can even buy these baskets in bulk on eBay, unless of course you want to be eating strawberries for a month.

Photo by Nicole Wills

Photo by Nicole Wills
Using red gingham fabric, attach strawberries cut from felt to create a themed banner. Don't forget to add the seeds! You can either glue on beads or stitch black fabric into the felt.

strawberry pinata
Photo by Nicole Wills
Remember that post about making your very own pinata? Here's your opportunity to try it out. Nicole made a strawberry-shaped one filled with all kinds of goodies. It's almost too pretty to bust open! However, the kids didn't think so and had a blast beating the candy out of it.

Have you ever had a fruit-themed party? Would you ever try this strawberry-themed one?


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