Home Preserving Kit -- We Be Jammin!

Home Preserving Kit; Sur La Table
My boyfriend loooooves jam -- almost as much as Joey from Friends loves jam.

It's kinda weird. I'm a strict jam-as-a-condiment gal, so it's hard to understand ... but who am I to judge?

Perhaps it stems from childhood. His mother makes jam every summer and gives it as gifts at Christmas. It's amazing ... especially the blueberry. It's gone in a matter of days.

So I started thinking ... happy boyfriend = happy me and happy household, right?

So jam woman, I am.

I'm going to get this Home Preserving Kit from Sur La Table ($42) and surprise him with jars of jam.

See why I'm stoked to get it ...


First off, it's only $42 and comes with everything you need for canning.

You'll get a 21.5-quart steel boiler with a removable canning jar rack, a canning funnel, and jar-lifting tongs. You'll have to stock up on Mason jars, though.

Sure you could just buy a jar of jam at the store, but then you get all the preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors, too. Yuck.

Plus, there are bonuses for at-home canning:

  • The jam makes great gifts.
  • It's fun, damn it!
  • You can preserve summer fruits you love to have year-round.
  • It makes me nostalgic ... I remember my mom canning a ton when I was little.
  • Ecstatic boyfriend.

Have you ever tried canning or preserving?

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