Amy from Cooking with Amy: What's In My Fridge

Photo by Cooking with Amy
Every Friday in our "What's in My Fridge" feature, we'll be chatting with a different food blogger, asking them about their favorite foods and what's in their fridge.

This week, I interviewed the highly accredited Amy Sherman from Cooking with Amy.

She has been recognized by Saveur, Forbes, Cooking Light, Epicurious, and more. She lives in San Fran with her hubby and is the author of two cookbooks: New Flavors for Appetizers and Wine Passport.

Find out which Asian condiment she can't live without, which ethnic markets she hits, and the ingenious little thing hanging on her fridge. 


Photo by Cooking with Amy
Tell me about your blog?

I write about food, including original recipes, cookbook reviews, interviews, culinary travel, and more.

What's in your fridge right now?

I have so much stuff in my fridge, even I don't know everything lurking in there!

What must you always have in your fridge and can't live without?

The Chinese chili garlic sauce you see in the front is pretty much a staple.

What is the weirdest thing in there?

I have some fresh wood ear mushrooms. They have a really unusual texture. I had never used fresh ones until a couple of weeks ago. Wood ear mushrooms are primarily an Asian ingredient, but I have experimented using them in non-Asian recipes like in a mushroom sausage sauce served over polenta.

What's the most embarrassing thing in there?

Oh my. I would have to clean it out completely to know for sure! I do have a package of tofu I fear is way beyond the expiration date.

What's your guilty pleasure food-wise?

I don't believe in guilty pleasures. Pleasure is good!

What do you wish was in there?

Just less stuff. Right now I am working on a couple of recipes for clients, and so I have more ingredients in my fridge than ever.

Where is your fave place to shop?

I like the farmer's market but also Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Russian markets, because I find such interesting ingredients.

Favorite part of the fridge?

I have some trays that I use for organizing my condiments like mustards and jams. They are great, but right now I have more condiments than can fit in them.

Anything weird or interesting you want to tell us about your fridge?

The freezer has a crack in it that I discovered about a week ago. I think it's time to get it replaced!

What's on the outside of your fridge?

Loads of magnets, nutritional charts, recipe cards. On one side I have little spice tins with magnets on the bottom so I can store them vertically on the side of the fridge! Ingenious, don't you think?

What are you up to now?

 I'm working on some recipes, but also writing up some culinary travel experiences for Amy & Amy Between Bites on Frommers.

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