5 Ways Soda Can Make Your Food Pop

barbecue chicken
Flickr photo by thebittenword.com
Soda just isn't for sipping. It can be a great addition to many traditional foods and gives them a little something-something extra to keep taste buds popping with flavor.

Here are a few of my favorite soda recipes (or pop recipes if you're so inclined to use that term instead):

  1. Coca-Cola Cupcakes I'm picky when it comes to my cupcakes, so I was a little skeptical about tainting their simple goodness with cola. But after tasting them, well, I'd like to buy the world a Coke so everyone could make their own delicious cupcakes. The Coke really complements the chocolate, and they're divine!
  2. Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce The grills are going at this time of year, and the perfect barbecue sauce is a must. This version that uses Dr. Pepper packs a great sweet-and-sour pow and is perfect for slathering on chicken, beef, pork ... anything that hits your grill, really.
  3. Roasted Soda Can Chicken In the same vein as Beer Butt chicken, this recipe instead calls for a can of lemon-lime soda (like Sprite or 7-Up) to stuff up the bird's derriere. The nice citrusy infusion turns out some pretty tasty chicken, and the whole meal is like one big party trick.
  4. One-Pot Dr. Pepper Pork Chops Seriously easy and delicious, you can make these pork chops in the Crock-Pot. And did you know that eating more pork could rev up your sex life? Yep, get cooking.
  5. Pepsi Chili Pep up your traditional chili with some Pepsi. Spicy chili with a caffeine kick -- what could be better?

Have you tried these or any other great soda recipes?

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