Cake Obsessed: Dr. Seuss Topsy Turvy Cake Is Five Tiers!

topsy turvy cake
Photo from Pink Cake Box

I don't know how this five-tiered Dr. Seuss Topsy Turvy Cake doesn't topple over; but I do know that I'm totally over-the-top enthralled by it. Pink Cake Box made it for a girl celebrating her Bat Mitzvah and guess what her name is ...


You guessed it: Sam. No wonder the "I am Sam, Sam I am" theme was so appropriate.

If you look closely, you can see how the bakers incorporated the girl's interests: ballet, figure skates, pottery, etc.

I'm certainly impressed by the design -- how could you not be? -- but much more interested in the flavors of each of the five tiers. They are:

  • Chocolate cake with hazelnut, oreo, and raspberry buttercream
  • Pink velvet cake with vanilla buttercream, lemon cream cheese, and raspberry buttercream
  • Red velvet with s'mores
  • Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, cream cheese, and pistachio buttercream
  • Pink velvet cake with oreo, chocolate, and coconut buttercream

Who wants cake?

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