10 Weird, Yet Tasty, Ice Cream Flavors


avocado ice cream
Flickr photo by joyosity
Memorial Day weekend is the official kick-off to summer, which means it's time to bust out those ice cream makers.

Instead of the usual go-to chocolates and vanillas, be daring and venture into the realm of nontraditional flavors.

We found 10 odd, yet delicious, flavors that are sure to be a hit at your next barbecue:

  1. Avocado Ice Cream: Popular in Central and South America, this pretty green dessert is a great way to use up those avocados before they spoil.
  2. Maple Syrup Ice Cream: Maple syrup adds to pancakes and waffles, but as ice cream? The sugary sweetness was practically made for it.
  3. Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream: While in Paris, I tried this flavor at the famous Berthillon ice cream shop located on Ile Saint-Louis. C'est tres bon!
  4. Sweet Potato Ice Cream: A Southern secret -- if you like sweet potato pie, you'll love this.
  5. Olive Oil Ice Cream: I've had olive oil gelato before and it was ah-mazing. I can only assume the ice cream version would be just as good.
  6. Strawberry-Basil Ice Cream: Strawberry and basil -- the two flavors of summer mixed together for creamy deliciousness.
  7. Grape Ice Cream: Grape gets gypped on the ice cream flavor front, even though it's a favorite for Popsicles. Let's give grape some lovin'.
  8. Sweet Corn Ice Cream: You might actually get the kids to eat their veggies with this dessert.
  9. Peppercorn Ice Cream: You don't usually find pepper in dessert, but the pepper and sweet cream flavors complement each other surprisingly well. Try it with black or pink peppercorn.
  10. Sea Salt Ice Cream: There's a pepper one, so why not a salt one? 

Have you ever tried an nontraditional ice cream flavor? What's your favorite?




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jeann... jeannesager

I recently had strawberry basil gelato . . . YUUUUUMM

lovin... lovinangels

ive had a rose and a lilac at a tiny shoppe in new hope. it was surprisingly tasty.

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

I made graham cracker ice cream the other day -- yum! I want ice cream.

jeann... jeannesager

By the way, I put maple syrup ON ice cream, so why not maple syrup ice cream?

nonmember avatar PamelaFisk

You haven't lived or eaten interesting ice cream flavors at a world-famous ice cream establishment in the mountain town of Lares, in Puerto Rico. Here's an interesting article that's worth reading just to learn about some of the "off the wall" ice cream flavors -- like cod fish or garlic! 



toola toola

DH has made vanilla poppy seed ice cream, and lavender ice cream.   I'd love to try the salted butter caramel, sounds delish!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Yes I have try a notraditonal ice cream and I can't rember the name but it tasted awful. I will stick to traditonal ice cream.

nonmember avatar Debi

Maple syrup ice cream is unusual?  Maple Walnut ice cream is a favorite in New England! Ben and Jerry's has a maple walnut ice cream called "The Full Vermonty?  Absolutely fabulous!

Carey... Carey2006

NOPE...I wouldn't mind trying grape....AND I've always wanted to try Green Tea ice cream.

frysh... fryshannon34

I havent but the avcoda one looks good

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