Heinz Makes Newer, Better Ketchup ... Packet?

new heinz ketchup packet
Photo from SlateV

Heinz has revealed a new and improved ketchup packet, and while the design is pretty neat, I can't help but thinking: Why isn't the company focused on removing high fructose corn syrup from its regular version instead of obsessing over the packaging?


As Suzanne mentioned last week, Hunt's ketchup announced that it has removed high fructose corn syrup from all of its ketchup products. Heinz offers an organic option without HFCS; but its regular version, which is served at most restaurants, contains the dreaded ingredient. Even though this summer it will launch a new formula, which contains 15 percent less sodium -- great news -- many moms would love to see Heinz come out with a HFCS-free regular option.

In the meantime, I guess we'll have to make do with ... *drum-roll* ... newly designed packets! But snark aside, even I have to admit: These are pretty cool.

According to SlateV, the new packet (pictured right) is three times bigger than the old version. And, it's dual-output capability makes it less messy: You can either tear off the top and squeeze, or peel from the bottom and dip.

You still need two hands to open the new packets -- which can be tricky at a summer barbecue if you're trying to balance your plate on your lap. But overall, these packets look like they will significantly improve the ketchup experience.

When it comes to ketchup, what's more important to you: Larger, less messy packets or ketchup that doesn't contain HFCS?


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