Why I’m Glad My Husband Can’t Cook

Man cooking
Flickr photo by US Army Africa
Can your husband cook? Mine can't and doesn't, and I don't care.

In fact, I'm glad.

Whenever friends tell me how their husband cooked a wonderful dinner for the evening, I tell them how lucky they are. They feel sorry for me when I tell them the only thing mine has ever made is toast.

But really, the thought of my husband cooking dinner for my family makes me cringe. Not just because it might not taste so good, but because I'd lose control of my kitchen kingdom.


I like selecting the ingredients I think are healthiest and best for our family, and I like to match our different moods to different foods. For example, if my jeans are a little tighter than normal, than pasta isn't going to be on our plates for awhile. If my son has had a bad day, then it might be big platters of comfort food; if I'm missing my family, I may whip up a dish my mother makes.

Sometimes I'll see something on Food Network and HAVE to have it for dinner. Other times, I've been outside in the heat all day, and a cold salad or sandwich is all that will do. 

Of course, if my husband or son has a request, I definitely work it into my plans. I like input actually, but the final decisions as to which meals we eat, when they're served, and how they're prepared is up to me. I like it that way. 

Fortunately, my husband is an appreciative recipient of my efforts and is always grateful for whatever I serve; and he's always happy to pick up takeout or eat a bowl of cereal if I'm too tired to cook. He doesn't seem to have the same food control issues I do.

My children are another story ...

Sure there are worse things than having to eat something I didn't care for or am not in the mood to eat, but since this works for us, I don't have to. And while it's a lot of work to put all the meals on the table, I'd rather do it than turn over my reins.

Now, when it comes to cleaning ... I have NO control issues there. Anyone who wants to can feel free to rule that world. Anyone?

Does your husband help with the cooking? Do you wish he would?

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