Unique Graduation Party Ideas

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If you have a child that's graduating, you'll probably spend the majority of graduation day crying tears of joy.

But afterward, it's time to party and celebrate your teen's milestone.

So wipe off that smudged mascara, and check out these unique graduation party ideas (even your teen will have to admit these are pretty darn cool).

  • Co-host with other families: My family and my best friend's family went in together for our graduation parties. It was great because she and I got to celebrate together, as well as with our own families. 
  • Create a candy bar made out of candies with the school's colors.
  • Set out a guest book: Guests can write in their congratulations or words of wisdom to the grads. It's also a nice keepsake for your child to read years later.
  • Play darts: Set up a dart game for the kids to play and have a photo of the principal's face in the bull's eye.
  • Stay away from the graduation party supplies from Walmart. Instead, have your napkins and tablecloths in school colors. 
  • Tie tassels and ribbons around the cloth napkins for a festive touch. You can also create tassel weights to keep your tablecloth from blowing.
  • Centerpiece: Wrap thick books with old-school brown paper and stack them. Add some doodles on it to make it even more authentic-looking.
  • If you've kept artwork and school pictures over the years, now is the time to break them out. Frame them and place them around the house (though try not to choose that sixth-grade photo that was smack dab in the middle of the "awkward years," your teen won't appreciate that).
  • If you have several graduates at the party, print out a map of the United States and hang it on the wall. Set out push pins for the grads to place on the map to indicate where they're headed for college.
  • Cake: For my graduation cake, my mom had a photo cake made with a photo of me when I was a little girl and my senior photo. It was a huge hit.
  • Food: Simple finger foods such as mini burgers, pigs in a blanket, chips and dips, and vegetable platters are favorites for everyone. 

Is your child graduating this year?

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