KFC's Double Down Just Won't Go Away

kfc double down sandwich
Photo from KFC
KFC has announced that its infamous Double Down is here to stay ... at least for a little while longer.

Initially, the bunless bacon sandwich was slated to be sold only through this Sunday. But the product has proven so popular with customers that the fast food chain says it will continue to sell it as long as demand is high.

Really, people? How is this possible?


It makes the opposite of sense to me why this gross monstrosity is such a phenomenon:

  • Were this 2003, I could reason that maybe this chicken-bacon-cheese sandwich was appealing to the Atkins dieters. Alas, it's 2010: People now laugh at the Atkins diet and the thought that consuming "all-protein, no carbs" all the time is somehow healthy.
  • We say we're trying to eat less meat: But how is two chicken patties and bacon less meat?
  • We've been warned time and time again about the dangers of too much salt. And, yet, as Cynthia points out, even though just one Double Down meets the recommended daily limit of sodium, we still eat it.
  • It cost $6 -- that's a lot of money for a fast food sandwich!

The only thing I can figure about why the Double Down is so popular? It must taste pretty darn good. Because, frankly, it looks disgusting.

So, please, educate me:

Why is the Double Down so popular? Does it really taste that great?

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