'LOST' Watch Party Menu

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Even if it's just my husband and myself, I'm planning a LOST party on Sunday.

I want to make sure our blood sugar doesn't drop during the four-and-a-half hour television event, so I'm planning wisely. I also don't want to be in the kitchen and miss a second, so any prep work will take place pre-7pm. Or really, anytime in the middle of the two hour recap that precedes the two-and-a-half hour finale. I've seen all the shows, so if I miss a wet Kate scene, I'll live.

A lot of you may want to make the extra effort to Dharma-ize all of your food stuffs.You may want to decorate your home by bringing in sand and fake palm trees.


Me? I've got two kids and busy weekend and the last thing I want to do is take more time to prep my party than the season finale lasts. So I'm going for simple, filling but not bloaty. Because you don't want any kind of interference messing with the most important show finale of all time. Yes, I said it.

Here are some awesome food and drink options for your LOST party:


Go Dim Sum for light and tasty snacks. If you don't already have the cooking skills of a Chinese chef, try these easy recipes from Dim Sum Recipes:

Water Chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon

Pork Dim Sum (be sure you buy, not make, the won ton wrappers for an easier time)


Eating light will keep you up until 11:30pm, and this recipe for Grilled Swordfish Salad on All Recipes is a quick way to go tropical as well. You can imagine Jin stabbed this one for you and reminisce about the first season of LOST, back when you thought the end game was getting off the island.

(If you fish like Hurley, or just want to eat like him, may I suggest a bucket of a chicken?)


While I really, really want to make fish biscuits, making my own cookie cutter is just not in the cards this weekend. However, my hat is off to Kung Foodie for this herculean effort.

Instead I'm taking a peanut butter inspiration from Charlie's wooing of Claire and making a super easy No Bake Peanut Butter Pie. There goes my light idea, but hey, down it with a glass of MacCutcheon's and you'll be living the LOST life.


For beverages, I snagged a great idea from YumSugar: Serve airplane sized bottles of booze. I would even include a plastic cocktail cup with a few ice cubes thrown in for those who want to look all Jack Shepherd'y circa "We've got to go back!!"

Finally, do have some popcorn or mixed nuts handy for that anxious, mindless snacking. If you want to download the Dharma labels, this is the product to LOST-ify.

Are you throwing a LOST party? What are you serving?

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