Wedding Ideas: 7 Alternatives to the Wedding Cake

dessert table
Dessert table by Shauna Younge; Photo by Sweet Shibui Photography

Wedding cakes can be absolutely gorgeous. But I've noticed that many brides on their big day are opting for alternative dessert tables that either incorporate a cake or bypass it altogether. Here are 7 creative wedding buffets in case you decide to veer from the traditional routine ...


Shauna Younge is a talented dessert table artist in Minneapolis. You can see in the photos above and below how she artfully arranges desserts, candies, vessels, linens, custom labels, and favors to make sure each table matches the theme of the big event.

So what's the trendiest item to include in a dessert buffet for a summer 2010 wedding? Younge recommends whoopie pies, which she says "are a big hit with guests because they're both classic and new all at once." Plus, flavors like red velvet, chocolate, and pumpkin can be be mixed and matched with an unlimited variety of delicious fillings. Yum!

dessert table
Dessert table by Shauna Younge; Photo by Sweet Shibui Photography 

Of course, it goes without saying that cupcakes are a popular alternative to a traditional wedding cake, either on their own or as part of a dessert table. I love how these cupcakes are decorated with real flowers -- precious!

Photo from WREN handmade

And while we're on the topic of cupcakes, can I just say how I love this DIY cupcake bar -- a perfect idea for a more casual, intimate affair.

cupcake bar
Photo by Jen Huang Photography

I'm kind of obsessed with this idea for a Prosecco bar. Guests add fresh herbs or a splash of their favorite fruit juice to their bubbly.

prosecco bar
Photo by Elan Documentary via Merci New York


Don't drink? How about a coffee bar? Guests can take a break from dancing and get a quick pick-me-up.

coffee bar
Photo from Pretty Chicky


Candy bars are hot, but this childhood snack bar -- which includes animal crackers, Pop Rocks, Starburst, and so much more -- takes it to a whole new level.

snack bar
Photo by Jess Epstein Photography

And who can forget the ever-trendy cookie buffet? My cousin had one at her wedding featuring traditional Italian cookies that my grandmother baked; not only was it delicious, it was really meaningful to our family.

cookie buffet
Photo by Christina Montemurro Photography

Brides, are you having a wedding cake at your wedding or are you considering other alternatives?


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