Iowa Pork Chops with Maytag Blue Cheese Butter: Mom Meals

iowa pork chops maytag blue cheese butter
Photo from Maytag Dairy Farms
Pork chops
wind up on our table a lot. Whether you have a Foreman or a real outdoor grill, they're easy and not as fatty as other meat options.

Of course I'm negating the health benefits by adding not just butter, but cheese to your chop -- but how great do Iowa Pork chops with Maytag Blue Cheese Butter sound?


I found this recipe on FreshDirect, it's from the cookbook BBQ USA. Oh, how I miss FreshDirect. Excuse me while I cry quietly.

The key in this, and most grill recipes, is purchasing a quality cut of meat. Someone once told me that the better your cut of meat, the less you have to do to it to make it edible. If you buy well, you won't have to cover up the lack of flavor with spices, sauces or both.

This recipe is one of those rare finds, it's incredibly simple yet has a wow factor that you usually find in restaurants. Use this recipe as a nightly staple or pull it out for your Memorial Day weekend grill fest -- either way your crowd will be pleased.



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