In-N-Out Burger: It Really Is 'Fresh'

in n out burger
Flickr photo by Rick
My husband is a native SoCal guy and for the past seven years has waxed poetic about In-N-Out Burger. Honestly, I think it's one of the reasons we just moved back here from the In-N-Out-less East Coast.

I, however, am scared to death of processed meat, especially fast food, and have vowed to never eat a fast food burger again, much less let someone I love get near the poisonous stench of said meat. I'm a little hardcore since I wound up in the hospital after eating contaminated beef.

This is how a recent argument went:

Me: No way is anyone in my family eating an In-N-Out burger.

Him: But it's fresh!

Me: How do you know?

Him: Because they say it is!


Clearly my husband is a sucker for advertising. Being a burger lover myself, I finally decided to dig into the ins and outs of their food production and, wow, was I pleasantly surprised.

Unlike grocery stores that are supposed to be known for their high food quality and that never got back to me when I called to ask about their ground beef, In-N-Out has food quality information on the home page of their website.

Having ground beef coming from only one source is a key component in keeping contamination away, and In-N-Out gave me the answer I wanted:

We have always made every one of our hamburger patties ourselves using only whole chucks from premium cattle selected especially for In-N-Out Burger. We pay a premium to purchase fresh, high quality beef chucks. We individually inspect every single chuck we receive to make sure that it meets our standards. Then our highly skilled, in-house butchers remove the bones. We grind the meat ourselves and make it into patties ourselves. We do all of this in our facility on our property in Baldwin Park, Ca. These steps enable us to completely control the patty-making process and be absolutely certain of the quality and freshness of every patty we make. We’ve always made our hamburger patties this way.

The freshness factor doesn't stop at the beef. Their tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and potatoes are also high-quality, not processed, and made to order. You won't see a single heating lamp at an In-N-Out.


Now I realize a burger and fries aren't good for me, but knowing this occasional indulgence won't kill anyone I love (not if enjoyed in moderation, and not on the spot) makes me almost as excited as my husband that we have an In-N-Out five minutes from our house.

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