Throw a 'Sex and the City' Soiree

Sex and the City
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Don your stilettos and pour the Cosmos, it's time for the ultimate girls' night, Sex and the City-style.

I know a lot of you ladies are gearing up for next Thursday's release of Sex and the City 2, so whether you celebrate before or after the film, here are some ideas for a sexy SATC soiree.


Send out invitations via email. Evite has templates that are specifically Sex and the City-themed. Encourage everyone to dress up ... even better if it's as their favorite character.


  • Hang SATC posters around your home. 
  • Frame photos of you and your girlfriends and place them amongst the food on the buffet table.
  • Print out themed embellishments to add to your napkins, stirrers, and toppers.  

Food: Food didn't really play a big role in the series or movies. The girls rarely cooked, oftentimes simply ordering in Chinese food if they were home. So feel free to order in (you'll be playing along with the theme), or serve foods that you know you and your guests will enjoy.

Drink: The Cosmo is practically the fifth character, so these are a must. Some other SATC-favorite drinks include Manhattans and martinis. But in case your friends aren't cocktail-type people, be sure to have beer and soda as well.


  • Have past seasons of Sex and the City playing on your TV.
  • See how well your friends really know the series by playing a little SATC trivia. 


  • Little mani-pedi sets
  • "I Heart NY" key chains
  • Cosmo mix
  • Kama Sutra book

Are you and your girlfriends planning a special night to go see Sex and the City 2?

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