Craving Grill Gadgets? Try the Steel Smoker

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Stainless Steel Smoker Box; Williams-Sonoma
What am I dying for this summer? A grill!

I live in NYC and have a huge terrace, which is a major deal in the city. The only problem? By law I can only have a charcoal grill -- not gas. Blah!

Who has time to light up the coals and wait forever ... plus, I'll take my food without charcoal chems, please.

So, my boyfriend and I are (illegally) plotting to sneak up a tiny gas one ... shhh! We heard some companies will actually ship in plain, unrecognizable boxes so your doorman doesn't rat you out.

Until then, we're subjected to smelling our neighbor's grilling every night on their charcoal number.

No worries though, once we settle this grill debate, I'll taunt them with this awesome grill gadget I'm lusting over.

It's a Stainless Steel Smoker Box ($39.95). You pop some soaked wood chips under the ventilated plate, place the food on top of the plate, cover, and preheat on your grill.

It gives your grilled grub a unique smoky flavor that's oh-so-yummy.

You can even use aromatic wood chips or herbs like rosemary, thyme, or basil. The possibilities are endless.

I wonder if you could even pop this over your gas stove. Hmmm ... maybe not. One illegal activity is enough for me.

Would you try this simple smoker?


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lovin... lovinangels

thats the stupidest law i've ever heard of.

B.DiS... B.DiSylvester

Sorry, that was Juliet's great post!

Yoshada Yoshada

There are alternatives to the old chem charcoal!!!!  They have eco friendly charcoal now.  You should try googling go-green charcoal for outdoor grilling or go-green charcoal lots of stuff come up that you might like.

Yoshada Yoshada

Heres one thing you can definately try you can purchase at target, home depot, etc.

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