10 Foods That Should Never Be Sold in Vending Machines

vending machine
Flickr photo by Phillie Casablanca
Caviar from a vending machine? Please hold while I hurl ... 

Due to popular demand (really?), a company in Moscow is dishing out low-end caviar via vending machines in the government offices. I bet that'll impress the international visitors -- offer them caviar from a machine.

What happened to a simple Snickers candy bar, or even a bag of the health chips that seem to never get eaten and stay in there for weeks at a time?


Hopefully, the easily accessible caviar will stay across the ocean. And while we're on the subject, here are nine other food items that have no business being sold in vending machines. Ever:

  1. Tuna Sandwiches: Hot mayo + fish + time = blech.
  2. Fruit: The thought of bananas browning in the glass case makes our stomachs churn.
  3. Bacon: I know, we put it in ice cream, in lattes, in pancakes ... but let's try to keep it out of vending machines.
  4. Ice Cream: I know that these do exist, but they shouldn't (as great as the convenience factor may be). One blackout and you've got a huge melted mess on your hands.
  5. Sushi: I think supermarket sushi made that same day is gross ... imagine it sitting in a vending machine for hours or even days.
  6. Alcohol: I'm taking the responsible road on this one. The thought of grabbing a beer from a vending machine isn't so bad except for all of those underage kids having access. 
  7. Eggs: Popular in Japan, they have egg vending machines usually located near chicken farms. Mmm, nothing says fresh like right out of a machine. 
  8. Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese gives me the ick factor anyway, but not knowing how long it's been in there makes it even more revolting.
  9. Steak: Steak is expensive for a reason. Buying it out of a vending machine will completely ruin the meal.
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