Taco Bell Debuts $2 Menu


taco bell $2 meal deal
Photo from Taco Bell
Today Taco Bell introduces its new $2 Meal Deals, which includes: A choice of one of four taco or burrito entrees, a medium soft drink, and a bag of Doritos ...

Call me elitist, but I'm calling BS on this marketing ploy: One low-quality taco, one cup of watered-down sugar water, and one bag of chips aren't in any way, shape, or form a "meal."

Yes, the down economy has hit people hard, and diners are clamoring for cheap eats. But just because you can buy something for $2 doesn't mean you should.

In the case of the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (one of the featured entrees included in the deal), $2 gets you 550 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 1,640 mg of sodium -- and that's before the chips and soda! You know what? Looking at it this way, $2 seems high to me! Why would you spend any of your hard-earned money on low-quality crap with practically zero nutritional value?

Especially knowing that you'll just be hungry one hour later, or worse, have health problems down the line if you make this a habit -- Taco Bell's $2 menu seems like a giant ripoff to me. I'd rather spend my two bucks on something more balanced and substantial -- a meal replacement bar or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The worst part about this fast food "meal" deal? It's going to be major competition for other fast food chains, which will no doubt retaliate with even cheaper, crappier deals. Fast food is already cheap; instead of demanding that the restaurants offer less expensive food, why not demand that they provide healthier options for those of us who care about what goes into our bodies and still need to grab-and-go?

Will you try Taco Bell's $2 Meal Deals?

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nonmember avatar Amy

It's unhealthy and delicious! $2.00 is a steal! I'm not saying eat it every day but if you feel like eating some taco bell once in a while, indulge your bad-self.

nonmember avatar Megan

While you commenters make some good points (mostly the fact that one shouldn't expect healthy food at a fast-food restaurant anyway, which is a shame), you are so dumb that it makes me sick. Seriously, there is no word in the English languages spelled "definately," and you, Cerebus, obviously know nothing about digestion. Foods that are high in fat and calories can frequently trick the body into being hungry again an hour later -- they do it with exorbitantly high sodium (that's salt), and besides that, they have no real energy to keep you going: bodies need protein and healthy carbohydrates as well as a solid balance of vitamins and minerals. Fat, while high in energy ("calories"), slows you down and is quick to be stored by the body instead of burned, because it's harder for the body to digest than carbohydrates and protein. Next time, please do your research before you make inane comments.

Dale Roney

Your body processes all food in the same way.

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