Grilled Mexican Corn: Cooking With Kids

grilled mexican corn
Flickr photo by Maggie Hoffman
It can be a challenge, finding something that doesn't have sugar that excites my gal enough to break out the cookbook. But when I talked to her about making our own spicy grilled corn, she perked right up.

We used to live down the street from an amazing Cuban place where she got hooked on the grilled corn with the crema (okay, I did too), so re-creating the magic together was a lot of fun.


I found this Mexican corn recipe with a really fantastic big-picture description from Homesick Texan. I probably also related as I moved from Texas to New York many, many years ago and seriously missed some staples.

I also love this recipe as we're still waiting to install a grill in our backyard, so this oven option will tide us over until we're out there throwing corn on the cob over the coals. The only thing I did change was the mayonnaise. I can't stand mayo, so I found some crema. Admittedly, I'll eat it on Mexican corn in a pinch, but I much prefer a less fatty condiment.

My daughter of course, just loved spreading everything on the corn -- too much at times -- and eating it. Hey, it's one way to get her to eat her vegetables. If only there were a grilled broccoli that inspired her so ...


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