Healthy Food Choices for Kids

If anyone should know about how to get kids to eat healthy food it's Anne C., mother of 7 and chef-turned-award-winning-blogger, who chronicles her family's food life at Cooking With Anne. She recently featured SuperNoots on her blog—a fun, interactive magnetic set that help kids learn healthy eating habits. How does it work?


Momprenuer Lori Liakonis first created SuperNoots to help her 3-year-old son eat more healthy foods. It's a brilliant method: Kids help to choose healthy foods using a dry-erase shopping list; parents buy the food on the list; and then kids use the magnets and corresponding chart to track the healthy food they are eating. The idea here is that SuperNoots is a fun way to educate and empower kids to learn healthy eating habits.

Visit the SuperNoots Web site to learn more about this innovative method. Then stop by the Healthy Living Buzz to see if you and your family are eating enough fruits and vegetables.

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