Bacon Latte, Anyone? 5 Places Bacon Doesn’t Belong


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Though the reason is unbeknownst to me, bacon-flavored products have been booming in recent years. While I like bacon just fine (extra-crisp, please) next to my eggs, in a salad, or on a BLT, there are other places I don't think it has any business.

1. Bacon-Flavored Coffee. This bacon-flavored syrup by Torani can be added to any beverage cold or hot. Bacon latte, anyone? I imagine it tasting like a cup of bacon grease.

2. BakonVodka. Don't let the alternative spelling fool you; it's actually bacon-flavored vodka. Their slogan: Pure. Refreshing. Bacon. My reaction: Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.     

3. Because everyone wants bacony-fresh breath? These Savory Bacon Mints are from Uncle Oinker's. The description on reads: "It may sound weird but once you taste it, youll (sic) see that mint and bacon is a match made in China." I think it's probably a typo, but it's really funny because when it comes to understanding any affection for this product, well ... it's all Chinese to me.

4. Bacon Lube. If you can't bear to part with bacon even when it comes to the boudoir, well, here you go -- bacon-flavored lubricant. It doesn't appear to be on the market yet, but last I heard J&D's -- whose goal is to "make everything taste like bacon" -- was looking for beta testers.

5. Bacon Air-Freshener. I'm at a loss for words on this one, except for letting you know that if you have one of these, I'll never step foot in your car.  

Have you tried any of these bacon-flavored products?

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lovin... lovinangels

No, but I'm dying for Vosges Mo's bacon bar. I just can't bear to part with six bucks for a chocolate bar.

nonmember avatar Val

I've tried the Torani syrup in a number of drinks. It goes best in a hot cocoa or chocolate latte. It has some appealing smoky notes to it that complement winter drinks. I wasn't as fond of cold drink options. My opinion.

nonmember avatar Julie

I love the bacon in cocktails.  It goes really well with bourbon and really wells with the smokiness.  The vodka and syrup are great this way, but I don't think bacon belongs in coffee either!

sodapple sodapple

i like to eat bacon but i don't think i'll try any of these things =-/

Carey... Carey2006

Um...NO THANK YOU......that's a bit too much for me!

Julie... Julieryanevans

so interesting to know that some of you really like the syrup! makes me less skeptical... i kinda assumed they just made it all for practical joke purposes or something. not sure i'll try, but a leat a little more open ... maybe if i had enough plain vodka first!

nonmember avatar Nik A. Demus

I gave the air freshener to a friend for his truck. It's actually not THAT bad, when you open the door his truck smells like breakfast.

nonmember avatar Phil Fink

You forgot one other place that bacon should not be found is a Kosher home!!!




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