Subway Lays Claim to the Term "Footlong" -- And Don't You Forget It!

subway sandwichThe Subway sandwich chain is claiming that "footlong" belongs to them. The company has applied to trademark the term and, in the meantime, have mailed cease-and-desist letters to mom-and-pop restaurants nationwide that offer "footlong" menu items.

Hmmm ... maybe while they're at it, Subway should also try to trademark "crappy sandwich" and "corporate bullies."


Coney Island Drive Inn -- a local Florida hot dog institution that's been the "Home of the Footlong" for decades -- was one of the recipients of the letters. After Coney Island's proprietor took his case to the local newspaper, saying that his "footlong" hot dog dates to 1963, Subway recanted the threat to hot dog stand owners -- but it said it will still target restaurants offering "footlong sandwiches."


Sure, that annoying "Five-Dollar Footlong" jingle is (unfortunately) on loop in everyone's heads, but that doesn't mean Subway should own the term. Or does it?

Do you think the term "footlong" belongs to Subway? Or is this the stupidest thing you've ever heard?

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