Spray It Ain’t So: Yes, Please!

Please don't wake me from my dream about this dream food spray that with just a mere spritz would remove fat from food and replace it with nutrients. Check out this video for Spray It Ain't So:

Can you imagine how much fun cooking would be if someone could really invent it?

Butter and mayonnaise would be back on the table. Alfredo sauce, donuts, Julia Child's entire recipe collection -- all back in daily dining. And the more you ate, the better!


Alas, it's just the dream of musician Chantal Claret of the band Morningwood, who doesn't like the late-night food choices she faces when touring.

"It's sort of a cruel joke that the things that taste the best are the worst for you," she says. "There's a lot of negativity and guilt associated with food, especially in our culture ... my invention would totally take away the negative aspect of it."

If we can put man on the moon, can't someone figure out a way to bring her invention to life? Please!

What's your dream food invention?

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