Irresistible Mini Cupcake-Maker

Babycakes Cupcake-Maker; Select Brands
How adorable are cupcakes ... especially the mini variety?

I found this retro-looking Babycakes Cupcake-Maker, and I totally want to become a new mama to this baby.

I think everything is better in mini version (yes, really -- I'm only 5'2") ... I even modeled my organic dog treats after mini muffins!

See what else makes me want to adopt this sweetie ...

  • Cooks eight mini cupcakes in eight minutes.
  • Non-stick baking plates.
  • Comes with an icing bag and four stainless-steel decorating tips.
  • A killer recipe book is included.
  • You also get a crust-cutter and forming tool ... whatever that is.

I plan on whipping some up for my next party. I'm thinking mini red velvets.

What's your fave cupcake flavor?


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