6 Ben & Jerry's Flavors We Wish They'd Bring Back

ben and jerry's ice cream
Flickr photo by Francesca
Serious Eats reports that Ben & Jerry's is bringing back a Limited Batch edition of the Key Lime Pie ice cream that debuted last summer.

Any key lime fans out there? This flavor is "lime ice cream with a tangy lime twist, fluffy meringue swirl, and pie crust pieces" ... sounds amazing. But rather than figuring out where I can score some, I'm instead taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about other delightful Ben & Jerry's flavors I wish they'd bring back ...


Bovinity Divinity

Someone please explain: What's not to love? Milk chocolate ice cream and white chocolate cows swirled with white chocolate ice cream and dark fudge cows.

White Russian

Cocktail hour + ice cream is always a good idea, especially when it's sweet cream flavored with Kahlua and Camaya liqueurs and coffee extract. Remind me again why this one bit the dust?

Rainforest Crunch

You had to really, and I mean REALLY, like nuts to enjoy this one: Vanilla ice cream with untamed chunks of cashew and Brazil nut buttercrunch. Mmmmm ... crunchy!

Nutty Waffle Cone

A moment of silence, please, for my all-time favorite: Malted vanilla ice cream with fudge-dipped waffle cone pieces, fudge-covered peanuts, and magnificent fudge swirls.

Dastardly Mash

I for one would never dream of ruining ice cream with raisins, but other people went nuts for this stuff: Chocolate ice cream with almonds, pecans, chocolate drops, and raisins.

Holy Cannoli

Maybe it's because I'm Italian, but I couldn't get enough of this one: Vanilla pistachio ice cream with pistachios, sweet ricotta, and cannoli pieces in cocoa.

Did you know you can resurrect a retired Ben & Jerry's flavor? Which flavor would you resurrect?

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