Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks: Half-Price Frapps!

Flickr photo by IKEA Boy [J.D. Chen]
The frozen coffee mixed with the chocolate-y goodness of a Starbucks frappuccino makes me weak in the knees. Or strawberry goodness. Or caramel. Or ... well, let's just say the list goes on for quite awhile.

But I try to stay away from the high-calorie yet oh-so-delicious drinks by saying to myself that they're just too expensive. And it keeps me away. For the most part.

But from now until May 16, between the hours of 3 to 5 p.m., Starbucks is selling their frappuccinos for half-price.

This is going to cause me to gain at least three pounds. Damn you, Starbucks!


It's for their launch of "however you want it" frappuccinos, which I'm completely feeling for the baristas, especially when the slew of people come storming in for half-price ones (I used to be a barista, and let me tell ya, those things are a bitch to make. I can only imagine the pain to customize them ... ).

So for all of us out there that are easily manipulated into buying things due to an awesome corporate marketing ploy, be sure to hit up your local Starbucks this week between 3 to 5 p.m. for an afternoon delight.

I know I will!

What's your favorite Starbucks frappuccino flavor?

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