Biggest Restaurant Pet Peeves


restaurantWe took my mom out to dinner last night for Mother's Day, and though we had a great time, I was reminded of one of my biggest restaurant pet peeves: We arrived promptly for our 6 p.m. reservation, and by 6:21 p.m. still hadn't been seated. I hate when restaurants do that!

When we inquired as to why we were still hovering in the foyer while other people (who arrived after us!) were shown to tables, we were given this tired line: "We're just waiting to make sure you have the best service possible." HUH? What's the point of even having a reservation if the establishment isn't going to honor it?

Here are some other situations that drive me nutty when I'm eating out ...

1. I have this habit of asking my server what her/his "favorite dish" is on the menu -- because, really, who would know better than someone who looks at the food all day long? And I HATE when they say, "Everything's good here." A lazy line like this is the opposite of helpful.

2. There's nothing more annoying than when entrees arrive at different times. Julie has written some choice words for situations such as this (ahem, Cheesecake Factory).

3. Another thing that drives me batty? The food arrives (on time), but when you look around for cutlery, there is none. Don't tempt me to eat with my hands because if I'm hungry enough, I'll do it!

4. There's nothing that grosses me out more than somebody else's lipstick on a water glass. Is a clean glass really too much to ask?

5. My number-one restaurant pet peeve? When I go to a restaurant with my husband, and the server assumes that just because my dining companion is male, he must be paying the bill. What's wrong with just putting the check down in the middle of the table?

What's your biggest restaurant pet peeve? And for those in the service industry, what's your biggest customer pet peeve?

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5forj... 5forjulie

being near the kitchen and seeing all the servers coming in and out

sweet... sweetyesma

if only everyone knew what goes on "inside the kitchen"i waitressed for 11 years and i am so thankful that i don't any more.i am not saying that all restaurants are like that,but to this day i wont eat at a restaurant.i would rather take my chances at a MCdonalds lol

Ems629 Ems629

Hoo boy. Sorry your Mother's Day meal turned into more of an"ordeal".

I have MANY issues with the whole restaurant experience, both as an employee and a patron. I'll only add two.

1. Salt and Pepper. I'm a grown woman. Please have it available for me to use at my own discretion, on the table. Not dispensed by some "Pepper sommelier" who's been give strict orders by "Le Chef" to mete out only the most miniscule amounts. I'm paying for the dish. If I choose to "ruin" the chef's masterpiece, so be it.

2. Crummy holding area for patrons waiting to be seated.

Seriously. Walking into a holding pen of hungry people holding coats and bags and children with no where to sit is gross, ansd doesn't say "Wow! What a popular place!" to me. It says something more like, "Leave now. What comes next, couldn't be any better."

sodapple sodapple

i hate when the waiter is hovering around you just waiting to snatch your plate as soon as you are done eating, if i'm paying like everyone else i have the right to stay as long as i want seated and with my empty plate in front of me!

nonmember avatar CANDY

When we go out to eat...leave us alone, after we are served.  I hate places that constantly hound you.  Yes, I want good service, but I didn't want to have dinner with the server....and leave my plates alone, too.  Get busy keeping the kids away from me!!!!frustrated

Carey... Carey2006

When your salad (&/or appetizer) comes out THE SAME TIME AS YOUR MEAL!!!!


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