Chocolate Chips: Our Ingredient of the Week

chocolate chips

Each week in Food and Party, we'll be featuring an "Ingredient of the Week" -- paying homage to some of our favorite ingredients all week long with buying and storage tips, recipes, and other useful information.

This week's featured ingredient is: Chocolate Chips.

It may seem strange, but I always, ALWAYS have chocolate chips on hand ... why?


Because you never know when you'll need to throw together a batch of homemade trail mix; whip up a quick batch of cookies, brownies, or some other baked good; or simply indulge in a sweet, high-energy snack.

Typically, I have brand loyalty to Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Morsels; but if Ghirardelli’s 60% bittersweet chips are on sale, you can bet your life I'm going for those.

Which chocolate chips are your favorite?

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