Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes Even Dad Can Pull Off

Flickr photo by The-Lane-Team
Okay moms, forward this article to your men and kids. You are banished from the kitchen on this special day. Put your feet up and relax and don't worry, these recipes are pretty simple ... they'd be hard to screw up. Even for a man that's clueless in the kitchen. All they have to do is follow directions ... oh, wait. Maybe you should at least be within hearing distance so you can come to the rescue if need be. 


Basic Buttermilk Pancakes: Flapjacks are one of the most simple, basic breakfast foods to make. This recipe from MyRecipes.com also gives options for berry, apple walnut, or orange-chocolate chip pancakes if you're feeling up to the challenge. 

Muesli: If mom is health-conscious, cook up some muesli, which is like oatmeal, only fancier. 

Omelettes: I know you men tend to be visual creatures, so here's a video tutorial on making a simple omelette dish. 

And if you're completely hopeless, wake up before your wife, order from her favorite restaurant, place in oven, and look who's the chef now.


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