What Is a "Cooking Game Show"? Only Emeril Knows ...

emeril lagasse
Photo from Emerils.com
CBS has ordered a pilot for a daytime cooking game show hosted by famous TV chef Emeril Lagasse ... pardon me while I furrow my brow in confusion.

Now, I like Emeril just as much as the next person. My problem with the concept is: What in the world is a "cooking game show"?


Deadline.com explains that the show will "feature members of the [live] studio audience competing against each other for a prize in preparing a dish under the supervision of the famous TV chef."

Anyone else confused?

When it comes to competitive cooking shows, I'll stick with Iron Chef and Top Chef, please and thank you. I know food on TV is trendy, but just because you have famous chefs and people willing to duke it out to see who's the better cook does not a good show make -- just look at Chopped and Hell's Kitchen.

Do you think a cooking game show sounds like a good idea?

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