10 Really Unfortunate Food Names

Ever wonder how some foods get their name? Newser’s got a list that's equal parts hilarious and disgusting: “Food: It seems relatively inoffensive, but it has a history of names that are racist, shocking, or just plain gross.”

It's unbelievable that someone thought it was a good idea to give these names to something we're supposed to put in our mouths! See for yourselves ...

1. Priest Stranglers -- This gnocchi-type pasta is said to have once choked a priest.

2. Chicken Poo House -- Sometimes translated as “chicken anus,” this Korean dish is actually chicken gizzards.

3. Spotted Dick -- This pudding might taste great, but some of us are too freaked out by the name to ever find out.

See ... just awful! And those are only three of the ten on the list. Check out the rest over at Newser.

Any terribly named food in your pantry?

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