Mom Alert: The Best Meatloaf Recipe

Flickr photo by Clearly Ambiguous
Every mom needs a good meatloaf recipe in her arsenal, and this one from Foodmomiac (that I discovered via Delish's Cooking Mama who told me it was the best meatloaf ever) is a winner for mom meal of the week.

Foodmomiac's secret ingredient?


Oatmeal instead of bread! This is not only genius, but delicious. Also, I don't feel so bad about serving a hunk of meat for dinner with all those whole grains mixed in.

The other key to this recipe that I've seen before, but never tried, is using equal parts ground pork and ground beef. It really put it over the top for me. (I also used fresh minced onions instead of dehydrated, FYI.)

But my favorite thing about this recipe isn't actually the recipe -- it's the description of the rest of the dinner Foodmomiac prepared to go alongside the meatloaf. Cheesy mashed potatoes? Yes, please!

Check out the extremely simple, fast, and amazing meatloaf recipe at Foodmomiac and make your dinner an easy one tonight.

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