Organic Food or Not? How to Choose Wisely

You may have heard that some foods are more important to buy organic than others. Apples, yes. Onions, not so much. It can get rather confusing at the supermarket when you're trying to buy what's best for your family without breaking the bank.


The Environmental Working Group has created a quick and easy guide identifying the Dirty Dozen -- fruits and vegetables that you should always buy organic to avoid disease-causing pesticides; and the Clean 15 -- fruits and vegetables you can safely buy non-organic.

The EWG is also a great source of information on where other chemicals can be found, whether in your food or household items. The video above features Dr. Andrew Weil speaking on the consequences of pesticides to get you inspired to rid your home of these cancer-causing toxins.

Also of note, washing or peeling these fruits and vegetables on the Dirty Dozen list doesn't eliminate the pesticides.

I know I try to stay up on the latest research, but oftentimes I get brain drain when I'm in the middle of my grocery list. So I'll be donating to the nonprofit and getting my clip-on guide so I always have it with me at the store.

Do you always buy organic?

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