Help, I Have Trader Joe’s Withdrawal!

Flickr Photo by Joe+Jeanette Archie
I almost refused to move to Florida a couple of years ago because there isn't a Trader Joe's in the entire state. Somehow I acquiesced (I think it was the promise of a home with a pool), and here I sit almost three years later with a serious case of withdrawal from the best grocery store ever.

Shortly after we moved to the Sunshine State (from Seattle where TJs abound), my husband said we could take a trip anywhere I wanted to go -- beaches, mountains, city, or country -- it was my choice. We ended up driving to Atlanta (about seven hours each way) with a trunk full of coolers because that's where the closest Trader Joe's is.

They promised me then that within about 18 months, the stores should start popping up in Florida. I have seen NO popping.


I write the company emails; my husband even started the Facebook group Bring Trader Joe's to Orlando (feel free to join!). Still, no stores full of well-priced sauces, fantastic frozen food, and wonderful wine.

Where else can I get chocolate-covered edamame? I need their garlic mustard aioli, and oh, the flax seed tortilla chips. I have friends and family who offer to send me care packages, but it's not the same, and there's no way my favorite frozen goat cheese appetizers could survive the postal trip.

To make matters worse, there's now this Cooking With Trader Joe's cookbook that tempts me. I'm torn as if to buy it, reminisce, and fantasize about the wonderful products, or if doing so will send me deeper into the despair of my withdrawal.

So Trader Joe's, I'm making an open plea here: Please bring Trader Joe's to Florida. I have the perfect location (or 10!) picked out for you, just email me.

Are you a Trader Joe's fan?


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