Host a Tequila Tasting for Cinco de Mayo

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

One of the greatest things that came from Mexico is tequila. Oh tequila, how I love thee.

Now, when you think of tequila, it may take you back to your college partying days (or last weekend) of doing tequila shots ... maybe even off of some hot bartender ... but now that we're all grown up and mature (pfft), we can enjoy the liquor in a more refined way: A tequila-tasting soiree.


Similar to a wine tasting, tequila tastings are the newest trend and very easy to do in your own home.

  • Serve plenty of food: Guacamole, tacos, and quesadillas are great options to keep with the Mexican theme.
  • Select three to five varieties of tequila that have different characteristics to discuss.
  • Encourage guests to sip each tequila, savor its properties, discuss what they like and don't like, and compare it to what they've had in the past. No shooting, guys.
  • Have plenty of water on hand.
  • You don't need limes and lemons for tasting purposes, but they're great to decorate with. Fill clear vases with the colorful fruits.

Tequila falls into two categories: 100% agave or mixto. The "agave" classification requires that the tequila contain 100% of the agave sugar, whereas "mixto" is a blend of agave and other sugars.

After the two initial designations, the four types of tequila are:

  • Blanco or Silver Clear Tequila: Authentic aroma and flavor with no aging process.
  • Gold Blanco Tequila: Colored and flavored with ingredients like caramel, oak extract, or sugar syrup. Can be 100% agave, but is usually mixto.
  • Reposado: "Rested" Blanco tequila, which has aged in wooden casks for a minimum of two months and a maximum of one year. Similar to wine, the type of wood cask, resins, and tannins help to distinguish its ultimate flavor.
  • Anejo: "Old" Blanco tequila that has aged for one to three years in oak casks, Bourbon barrels, or Cognac casks, which add to its complexity, deeper color, and smooth finish.

Have you ever been to a tequila-tasting party?

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