Under the Sea-Themed Birthday Party

Photo by Birthday Girl Blog
Becca from Birthday Girl Blog recently posted a first-birthday party that her friend Karen threw for her son Ben. The theme: Under the Sea. Adorable!


Karen hosted the party in a park, which took some of the entertainment pressure off since the kids were able to play on the playground, but she still came up with a couple of fun, creative activities for them to enjoy:

  • Ben's Fishing Hole: Karen used a small blow-up baby pool for a magnetic fishing game.
  • Sand art: The older kids filled clear bottles that were in the shape of starfish, fish, octopus, and whales with colored sand.

If it's warm outside, encourage parents to bring swimsuits and towels and have a sprinkler or Slip 'n Slide for the kids to play on.

For the food, she labeled everything with cute sea-themed names: Seaweed Salad, Submarine Sandwiches, Octodogs, Fruit of the Sea, Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, Shrimpy Salad, etc. It's amazing what kids are willing to eat if the food has a fun name attached to it.

Photo by Birthday Girl Blog
Photo by Birthday Girl Blog
Each child was sent home with a favor bucket, which was a huge hit. She filled the buckets with all sorts of underwater-themed goodies:
Sea creature tattoos and stickers, beach balls, fish Ring Pops, Go Fish card games, shell bead necklaces, and more.

What a great warm weather party idea! Is it summer yet?

favor bucket
Photo by Birthday Girl Blog

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