Laura Bush Calls It "Poison"; We Commoners Call It "Stomach Flu"

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Laura Bush
's memoir, Spoken From the Heart, comes out tomorrow, and already there's controversy surrounding some of her personal anecdotes -- including one in which she wonders if she, her husband, and many of the members of the American delegation were poisoned at the 2007 G-8 summit in Germany.

But the German chef who cooked most of her food begs to disagree ...


The evidence for the alleged poisoning? Former President Bush, Laura, and other delegation members "felt sick" to their stomachs the morning after an official dinner at the summit.

This is alarming to me on so many levels -- namely, because I felt slightly sick to my stomach last week after eating at my neighborhood sushi restaurant. IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD SUSHI RESTAURANT TRYING TO POISON ME?

German chef Steffen Duckhorn has responded to Laura's claim saying: "Every chef has his honor" and that "samples taken by toxicologists were tested in a laboratory set up directly at the site, and that there was never even the slightest reason for any suspicion." Moreover, the US Secret Service was called in to investigate when the president felt sick, and doctors determined it to be a virus.

So what did the former pres say about all this? According to Gawker, he praised the cook for his meals saying, "Hey man, good food." (Doesn't that sound just like him?)

Was this a deliberate poisoning? Who do you believe: Laura or the chef?

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