Get Your Groupon Here!

I'm getting a little bit addicted to Groupon's deals, food and otherwise. Watch out, because as soon as you check out the Daily Deal in your city, you won't be able to stop obsessing over what's next.


Groupon is a collective buying program that works when enough members agree they're going to buy the daily deal. Whether it's $8 for six big cupcakes from Southern Girl Desserts (usual price is $22) or a $94 hot air balloon ride with a picnic (usual price, $165), you can save big money just by joining in the fun.

The concept is pretty simple: Groupon drives guaranteed customers to local businesses, local businesses offer sweet deals. You put your credit card number in when you agree to buy the daily deal, but you aren't charged if enough people don't also buy, making the deal null and void.

If you're afraid the deal you want isn't going to reach the minimum number of buyers, you can Tweet or FB the deal and encourage your friends to get the goods as well. Super-fun!

Groupon is in over a dozen cities right now and expanding all the time. Check out the listings and see what great Groupons are happening right now. Then waste about another half hour searching for what you've already missed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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