Fried Chicken ... for Breakfast? And Other Weird Breakfast Foods


fried chicken
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When people think of breakfast foods, they think of cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. I know you're going to think I'm crazy for saying this, but one of my favorite breakfast foods is fried chicken ...

Cold fried chicken to be exact. I know ... I'm weird. But growing up, whenever we had fried chicken for dinner, we'd always have cold fried chicken for breakfast. And it surprisingly goes well with Frosted Flakes. Not in the cereal, but as a side ... like toast. I know ... it's totally strange.

Now that I've dug myself into a weirdo hole that I can't possibly get out of, here are some more weird things other bloggers at CafeMom like to eat for breakfast:

  • A Hershey chocolate bar
  • Nuts, more specifically cashews
  • Cold pizza
  • Spoonful of peanut butter, straight out of the jar
  • Cold Chinese noodles
  • Cookies
  • And here at the CafeMom offices, they sometimes like to tempt us with cupcakes for breakfast. Yum!

What's your favorite breakfast food that's not exactly traditional?



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Lance... LancesMom

LOL! Since high school (and that's a long time ago) I have loved Cold Pizza for breakfast. I always save an extra piece just for that when we have pizza night! Yum!

Carey... Carey2006



Hey, did anyone see the hamburger that uses a doughnut (Krispy Kreme) cut in half as a bun

Stacy119 Stacy119

My arteries are a cryin' out fer mercy at the mere sight of it!

Julie... Julieryanevans

i usually eat a ham or turkey sandwich for breakfast

lovin... lovinangels

i eat cold pizza, and cold fried chicken for breakfast. not together, but hmmm

ethan... ethans_momma06

I love ice cream too.... but any take out item (leftover) is good in my book too.

KatieP. KatieP.

I much prefer non breakfast foods over breakfast foods, deli sandwiches (BLT my fav) on my way to work, leftovers, cold pizza really anything but cereal and eggs and toast - blah, plus I hate sweets so all of those donuts/french toast/pancakes/waffles - ick.

KatieP. KatieP.

I always ask for extra hot peppers and onions on my breakfast BLT and the girl behind the counter always gives me the for breakfast? are you insane? look

KatieP. KatieP.

O and tater tots!! sometimes the cafeteria serves them for bfast!!!

Radarma Radarma

Not so sure about this one! lol

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