Tarragon Roast Chicken Salad: Mom Meal

roasted chicken
Flickr photo by vauvau
Everyone from Daisy Martinez to my mother-in-law tells me the best thing for a busy parent to have on hand is a roasted chicken. I've been a believer for some time now, and Jenny's recipe for Tarragon Roast Chicken Salad on Finding Tasty is yet another reason to praise the roasted chicken.


Finding Tasty is a fantastic food blog I find myself drawn to again and again as Jenny is a mom to four -- one set of twins! -- and her recipes are always inspiring. (For more fun, find out what Jenny won't eat.)

This mom meal is especially easy if you're working with leftovers, and Jenny concedes that in a pinch, you can pick up a preroasted chicken at the market. Adding the tarragon and Dijon mustard makes this roast chicken salad recipe really pop, and the potatoes give it some extra heft.

Chicken salad also feels like summer to me and fills me with optimism (and gives me a good excuse to break out the lemonade), although it's an easy year-round dish as well.

What do you do with your leftover chicken?


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