More Absurdly Grotesque Food: Pancake Stackers From IHOP

pancake stackers
Photo from IHOP

I'm already boycotting KFC for their Double Down debacle; now I have another chain to add to the list. IHOP's new five-layer Pancake Stackers are equally farcical ...


The dish, available now through June 20, is crustless cheesecake layered between two buttermilk pancakes, topped with "fruit" -- a choice of strawberries, blueberry, or cinnamon apple compote -- and crowned with creamy whipped topping.

Sounds like a one-way ticket to a mouthful of cavities, diabetes, or both. And I'm so disappointed ... where's the bacon?

*Retch.* *Retch* again.

Marketing experts are saying that the publicity from the Double Down has actually weakened KFC's image among consumers; hopefully, the backlash will be similar for IHOP's "breakfast."

Are you sick of these grotesque, over-the-top products from restaurant chains?

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