Basic Meatballs: Quick Mom Meal

Flickr photo by Mike_fleming
I'm loving the Basics series on Chow. They break down every step in making staples for your table with visuals so you can follow along -- and hopefully avoid any dinner-killing mistakes.

Of course, meatballs are a versatile crowd-pleaser every mom should know how to whip up. I've tried a few different recipes for meatballs, but Chow's basic Italian meatballs in sauce took no time at all and turned out moist and flavorful. I think the pork and beef combo really sets this recipe apart to create a rich and filling meal that will wow everyone joining you for dinner.


The best thing about meatballs is you can freeze what's left over and they reheat beautifully, creating many meals from one session in the kitchen. Kids and adults alike go for the meatball, so it's always a safe bet.

We usually go for the gold on day one with spaghetti and meatballs. Change it up with rice for the next serving. And always fix up a side of roasted broccoli rabe or grilled asparagus.

Bonus: If you double your batch and pick up a few hot dog buns, you can serve meatball sandwiches in everyone's lunch for the better part of the school and work week.

I'm feeling like Nonna April right now, but I'm telling you -- you gotta try the meatballs on Chow. You'll thank me later.

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