The Cubic Zirconia of Knives

Photo by Zayka
Okay, that sounds a little bad. These knives from Zayka are actually amazing -- not fake or cheap at all!

I'm having infomercial-like fun slicing and dicing all kinds of food like a knife through hot butta (or is it the other way around?). Though I haven't and will not move on to slicing a metal can. That's just asking for it.

Check out why my fave new knife is different (and better) than the others ... just don't tell the rest in my knife block.


So what makes these knives such hot sh*t? Well, first off, they're ceramic rather than steel.

This means that it's made of zirconia powder, the second strongest element next to diamond, and sharpened with a diamond wheel. Holy bling! Now I'm having day dream about a knife made entirely of diamonds!

Okay, focus: Zayka is great because it's stronger than steel cutting-wise. It won't rust and since the element is rather dense, it's highly resistant to bacteria and stains. The one downside is that ceramic knives are very fragile and can often result in broken tips or shatter if dropped or tossed in a dishwasher willy-nilly.

So, I plan on treating this knife like my new baby ... or some new bling.

Would you invest in one?

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