7 Worst Beers Ever ... Unless 7-Eleven Beer Makes It 8!


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When I heard that 7-Eleven is going to start selling store-brand beer called Game Day -- which the convenience chain is billing as a "premium beer at a budget price" -- one word came to mind: Blech.

Not to be a snob, but there's something unappealing about drinking beer made from a place that also sells week-old rotating hot dogs and value-sized packs of Slim Jims. Now, that's not to say I'd turn my nose up at a beer-flavored Slurpee, but I digress ...

My biggest issue with this announcement is this: The world has enough bad beers as it is. Which made compiling the following "Worst Beers Ever" list painfully easy. Will 7-Eleven's suds soon be added to it? We'll find out later this month.

Carta Blanca: I've never forgiven my husband for coming home with this beer one day. I've got nothing against cheap beers, but the weird metallic aftertaste of this brand resulted in us dumping four bottles down the drain.

Shock Top: There's a reason this "Belgian White" is always on special at the local bar.

Natural Light: If you're over 21 and still drinking this beer, then it'd better be for the affordable price and not because you like the "taste."

Michelob Ultra: The water from our tap tastes better than this swill.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat: Based on the name, I expected a cherry-flavored wheat beer. Silly me, I got neither. Suggestion: Rename this beer Sam Adams Cough Syrup.

Miller Chill/Bud Lime: A good beer doesn't need lime and salt. And it especially doesn't need artificial lime and salt additives.

Corona Light: This watery beer only makes me crave the real thing.

What's the worst beer you've ever had? Will you try 7-Eleven's Game Day?

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lovin... lovinangels

oh, cherry wheat is GOOD!

MomIWant MomIWant

Little Kings anyone?


Bud Ice! Disgusting.

APeve... APeveteaux

Little Kings! I haven't seen those since college. And, yuck, if my memory serves. We also had Brown Derby beer sold at one grocery store in our college town. Never saw it before, haven't seen it since.

Kim, I agree about Bud Lime. I literally could not choke it down and it was the middle of the summer at an outdoor concert. Gag.

pagirl71 pagirl71

Rolling Rock. Drank the local PA brew in college cause it was cheap. Likened it to warm cow pee squeezed through a dirty sock. Stomach rolling now just at the mention of it.

Burbux Burbux

Hummmm.... worst beer ever...... I will have to say  Mexican beer called Gallo, really disgusting. 

Javi0... Javi05Eli07

I agree with all, but the Miller Chill.  In Mexico, they add lime and salt to ALL beers.  The Miller Chill was trying to capitalize on the Mexican style.

frysh... fryshannon34

OMG any kind of Keystone

blue_... blue_glass_mama

The Pig Eye beer we used to steal out of our neighbor ladies fridge in her entryway, it was bad and she always made us work it off or tell our parents. We were 13

nonmember avatar Randal Sunday

Any "lite" beer is disgusting to me. I don't think beer was meant to be lite. It's like diet lasagne, It just doesn't work.It's a gimmick to make you feel good about yourself.

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