FDA Will Limit Sodium in Processed Foods

Flickr photo by Duchamp
I'm a salt lover, a salt-a-holic even. But I also avoid processed foods so when I sprinkle on the kosher salt, I  know exactly how much is going in my body and I treat it as an occasional indulgence rather than an everyday salt fest.

Even with my love for the sodium, I'm thrilled the FDA is finally regulating how much of the heart attack generator is going into our food. 


Starting this year the FDA is going to work in tandem with the food industry to start scaling back the amount of sodium, slowly, so we won't all go into salt withdrawal. The effect on public health will be staggering as a high sodium intake can lead to heart disease and stroke -- deadly diseases that have come to be the norm in America.

Of course, there's always one a-hole saying that cigarettes don't cause cancer, and the director of the Salt Institute who's arguing against regulation plays that role quite well when he says the science regarding sodium is "unclear." Not to anyone who's been to medical school, it's not.

As a freedom-loving adult, you can control the amount of salt you cook with or sprinkle on your food. But as the article states, "Most salt eaten by Americans -- 77% -- comes from processed foods, making it difficult for consumers to limit salt to healthy levels, experts say."

So regulating our food companies is the only way to make a dramatic cut in our nation's sodium intake and will cause a huge improvement in our nation's health.

Something had to give, and it finally did. This is fantastic news for all of us trying to raise healthy families.

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