How to Make Healthy Fast Food Choices


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I've made it pretty clear that I'm not a fan of fast food (Kim has too, except for her little chicken problem), but sometimes you're in a bind or feeling weak. Even as you're pulling into that drive-through, you can still show some restraint.

Stacey Grant of Fabulously Healthy People recently posted a list of fast food picks from national chains. Grant also makes it clear that cooking your own food is best, staying away from processed food even better.

As someone who has popped into Baja Fresh on occasion, even as I swear I never will again, I do appreciate Grant's recommendations for that particular chain. What's more, I'm whooping it up because she didn't tell me to forgo the cheese altogether. After all, what's a burrito without cheese? Well, a healthy burrito, but it's not going to satisfy my cheese tooth.

The next time you're craving the chain, check out her list of menu items and rules to live (healthier) by. One simple rule to remember: If you're ordering meat, the less legs, the better.


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KatieP. KatieP.

the links don't work

KatieP. KatieP.

I almost never eat fast food. When I have to I eat SubWay but recently on a long trip home McDs was the only option- chicken nuggets and apple slices for my son and one of those salads for me. Could have been worse I guess LOL

nonmember avatar Jay

The link does not work. As for reading the 4,000 calorie meal. That is disgusting. I very rarely go to kfc or those fast food places. I mainly go to sub way because it has a lot more to offer with healthier choices. Worst i had was a salad from Mcdonalds.

nonmember avatar Rosanne Fisher

You can eat meat and ribs or chicken, just don't eat potatoes or bread or pasta with it, just salad. or vegie's.  eat half the portions they serve.  Shrink your stomack. That's the best way to keep you weight down and loose lbs.  It's the sweets that puts the lbs on.  If you have to have them eat a small piece, or share it.  Diet's don't work, counting calories does.  Don't deprive yourself just eat half then stop.

nonmember avatar JessicA

This is all really great! But, I need more specific help!  Have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and am now on a stricted avoidance of all NIGHTSHADE VEGGIES.  Not only do most people not know how many calories they are consuming, but most restaurants (fast or slow) do NOT know what is in the food they are serving! Have had some help though. The manager at KFC read the boxes for me & we decided, yes! I can have the Grilled Chicken and the Green Beans (Minus the seasonings.)  Yet at another restaurant (which I thought was healthy) I can only have their desert menu items (every thing carried either a nightshade veggie or one of the two spices listed to avoid (Cayenne and Paprika.) Date Night is no longer the joy it once was, but has turned into a nightmare of avoidance. I feel trapped within a whole society that has developed a "play now & pay later" attitude. Can you help?

nonmember avatar michele

 As a person with bad allergies in a family with wheat intolorance and more allergies we find local none chain restaurants are a much better choice. If you get to know the staff be friendly they are more likly to help you some places ask that we call a day in advance  so they can have everything ready. Our favorites are place who do everything from scratch. They make food just for each of us that matches what we can eat. Indian, italain(yes just not with wheat pasta or in one case not with any citric acid). With so many people with allergies today many people are more than happy to help. also this might sound just crazy but salads with no meat and bring your own dressing is a choise at almost every place and if you ask nice that bowl of greens can get any veggy in the place added to it. Eating raw helps a carrot is just a carrot  so one we like that is achain is sweet tomatoes and although i am not sure if you could eat any of it i think they use paprika but check the web site is chik fil a i know that sounds crazy but there web site gives you a complete ingredent list and they will reply to you questions on any item that has spices listed as an ingredent but if paprrika is in it that item is not listed as a spice because its not one. ENCASE YOU ARE UNAWARE ITS A  bELL PEPPER  which is wht you cant have it. Hope some of this helps you can still eat out enjoy.

niaan... niaandkliff

Go Vegan and read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.  In her book she mentions that she avoids nightshade vegetables for the most part because of their high levels of alkaloids.  This book has helped me out so much.  I hardly ever eat at fast food restaurants.  But before I leave the house for the day I go to the websites of any restaurants and look at the nutritional information to see if there is anything that I can order if I am tempted when my husband (who is the farthest thing from Vegan) decides to stop at one of those places. I've been vegan for about 3.5 months or so now.  I really enjoy the adventure of searching for healthier alternatives.  I hope this helps Jessica.

Carey... Carey2006

I like that one......

One simple rule to remember: If you're ordering meat, the less legs, the better.

MyKid... MyKidsSccrMom

"If ordering meat, the less legs, the better"  - Would a one legged cow count?  HAHA

I will be checking this out.  Thx!

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